Water Tips

As you’ve read or heard several times over the past few years severe weather patterns are becoming the norm and the result has put an increased burden on the insurance industry – most notably water related claims. Given this trend we thought it was a good idea to educate our clients and provide some tips that might help prevent a claim as well as ensure you are covered in case such a claim occurs. By everybody doing their part we can help reduce the impact of water related claims thus ensuring premiums remain affordable and coverages remain sufficient. Prevention of a water claim also maintains your eligibility and marketability with all of our companies.

  • During the winter months if you are away for more than 96 hours (4 days) freezing of pipes and the resulting damage is not covered UNLESS you do ONE of the following:
    • Arrange for a competent person to enter the dwelling on a daily basis to ensure the heat is still on and no water leaks exist throughout, OR
    • Ensure the water supply is shut off and water drained from all systems and appliances (please consult with a plumber to make sure this is done correctly) OR
    • Install a professionally monitored alarm with a low temperature sensor.
  • Once a year check all hose connections to appliances and make sure they are still secure. If rusting, breaking, bending, or aging it’s encouraged that you replace them.
  • In the fall close the inside valve to all outside taps and leave the outside taps open.
  • Keep contents stored in the basement up off the floor whenever possible. If you can’t do this for all of your contents keep the most valuable ones elevated.
  • Make sure everybody in the house (and those looking after your house while away) knows where the main shutoff valve is for the water supply.
  • If you have a sump pump it’s important to check it regularly to ensure it still works. It’s also highly recommended that you install a battery back-up (and regularly check batteries) to ensure it still runs in the event of a power failure.

If you have any questions or want to speak with one of our staff we encourage you to contact our office as we would be happy to discuss further.