About Us

WR Davey Insurance was officially formed in December 2011 but our history has ties to previous brokerages spanning over 100 years. Previously we were part of Davey and Benn Insurance (formed in May 1999) and prior to that we were part of Alan Gill & Co. (formed in 1870). WR Davey Insurance marks a new beginning for our brokerage as a solely owned and operated family business.

Meet The Team

Ross Davey, Founder and Commercial Consultant, has over 50 years of experience as both an underwriter at Travelers Canada and as an independent broker.  Ross was previously co-owner of Davey and Benn Inc. and part owner of Alan Gill & Co..  Ross has a well-deserved reputation of providing service and dedication to his clients that is second to none.  The success he has enjoyed over his long career is due in large part to his strong work ethic and commitment to excellence. 

Mike Davey, President, has been in the business since September 2006 after 5 years in the public sector where he worked in accounting and finance.  During his time in the public sector Mike earned his designation as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), which has recently been unified with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA Ontario).  He has worked tirelessly to help grow the business to what it is today and dedicates himself to providing the level of service and expertise one comes to expect when dealing with our brokerage. 

Scott Davey, Personal Lines Customer Service Representative & IT Specialist, started with the brokerage on a part-time basis in September 2006 while furthering his IT experience.  A year later he joined the brokerage on a full-time basis where not only is he relied on to serve our customers and provide expert advice but also to provide our brokerage with in-house IT expertise.

Brad Davey, Personal Lines Producer & Life Insurance Specialist, started with WR Davey Insurance in September 2022 following 3 years of gaining experience with a local insurance company and working towards to getting his life insurance licence.  Brad brings energy, expertise, and an exceptional ability to working well with clients.

David Tiekstra, Commercial Lines Producer, has over 15 years of insurance industry experience with 10 years as a commercial insurance broker.  He has taken over our commercial lines department but still works closely with Ross Davey to take advantage of his vast experience and expertise.  David is interested in solving the unique challenges we often face in the commercial insurance space and strives to offer the best value to our commercial insurance customers.

Christine McGlade, Personal and Commercial Lines Customer Service Representative, started in the insurance industry with another local brokerage in 2003.  In 2016 she joined the WR Davey team and has been an invaluable member ever since.  Not only does she provide exception customer service and expertise but she also been instrumental in recruiting new members to our team.

Natasha Chiles, Personal Lines Producer & Customer Service Representative, has over 10 years of experience as an insurance broker.  She started as a receptionist but quickly worked her way up to being a licensed insurance broker thanks to her drive and determination.  We were very fortunate to have Natasha join our team in 2018.  She has proven to be an extremely hard worker who will go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive the service and expertise we strive for at WR Davey Insurance.

Jen Killens, Personal Lines Producer & Customer Service Representative, has been in the business since 2008 when she started as a receptionist.  Like Natasha it did not take long for Jen to establish her value and soon became a licensed insurance broker.  Jen joined our team in 2020 and we do not know what we would do without her.  As our business has continued to grow, she has allowed us to keep providing the level of service and expertise required to separate us from the competition.

Sonya Tiekstra, Renewal Review Specialist, brings a vast amount of experience with over 30 years in the insurance business as both a company underwriter and insurance broker. An essential part of any broker’s value to their clients is performing a thorough renewal review and Sonya is a key component in making this happen.  She is an invaluable member of the WR Davey team.